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The pharmacovigilance is a set of activities aimed to evaluate and monitor in a continuative way all the information related to drug products safety and to ensure to the patients, for all the commercialized drug products, a positive benefit-risk balance.

Adverse reaction

An adverse reaction is an undesired negative effect due to:

  • Use/administration of a drug product according to its authorized indications;
  • Therapeutic mistakes;
  • Use/administration of a drug product not complying to its authorized indications including:
    • Drug product overdose;
    • Drug product improper use;
    • Drug product abuse;
  • An adverse reaction can be associated in addition with occupational exposure (Good Pharmacovigilance Practice).

What to do

If you think to have an adverse reaction to a drug product, contact urgently your doctor or a healthcare operator/structure. In some cases, it could be necessary to contact the health emergency unit or to go to the nearest emergency care unit.


How to report an adverse reaction to a drug product

Fisiopharma S.r.l. provides an e-mail address, a landline phone number and a mobile phone number (available h24) in order to report all the issues related to an adverse effect to a drug product.

In order to report any adverse effect to a Fisiopharma drug product or any collateral effect subsequent to the administration of a Fisiopharma drug product, please contact:

Mobile: +39 335 125 8534
Landline: +39 081 898 6293