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About Us

Fisiopharma is the ideal partner for the development and production of injectable drugs.

Fisiopharma is authorised to produce injectable drugs in different pharmaceutical forms.
Fisiopharma is also authorised to produce drugs of biologic origin, narcotics, corticosteroids and drugs for clinical trials.


Fisiopharma is a pharmaceutical company founded in 1989 as a family-run company dedicated to the development and production of injectable drugs.


Our registered office and production unit is located in the industrial area of Palomonte, in the Province of Salerno, and our commercial offices are in the centre of Milan.


Fisiopharma employs 117 people across the two sites and is managed by Nicola Cadei, the General Manager.


As of 2018, Fisiopharma is part of Yifan Pharmaceuticals Ltd, an international biopharmaceutical company with operation and headquarters in Europe, Asia and the USA, 20 production plants and more than 5,000 employees.

Who we are



Fisiopharma Srl was founded in Palomonte (SA) in 1989 as a family-run company dedicated to the production of injectable drugs. Initially focused on the Italian hospital market, it immediately developed a strong partnership with Pharmatex Italia Srl, a commercial company headquartered in Milan and operating in the pharmaceutical business since 1977. The drugs produced by Fisiopharma were then distributed in Italian hospitals through participation in hospital tenders and abroad through distribution or licensing agreements.
In addition to producing its own products, Fisiopharma also began to develop its contract manufacturing business, which grew considerably over the years.

In 2008 Fisiopharma and Pharmatex Italia were acquired by the Polish company Bioton, a leader in insulin production. The company’s expansion into European and non-European markets continued.

In 2018, following the acquisition of Fisiopharma and Pharmatex Italia by Yifan International Ltd, the companies became part of a continuously growing multinational organization with offices, production sites and commercial presence in different areas of the world, including Europe, Asia and the United States.

Fisiopharma’s international expansion and the growth of the CDMO business were thus further enhanced through collaboration, either through partnership agreements or as a third party, with American companies laying the foundation for its presence in the US market. A number of products (both proprietary and third-party) are currently awaiting approval by the FDA.

Our team

Nicola Cadei
General Manager

Riccardo Malpede
Finance & Accounting Manager

Giacinto Errante
Head of Quality Unit/QP

Angela Molaschi
Business Development Manager

Emanuele D’Amato
Supply Chain ,Technical Services & HR Manager

Vincenzo Abbatemarco
Production Manager

Manuela Di Carlo
Export Manager

Serenella Pastore
Deputy QP

What we do



The Fisiopharma production site covers a total area of approximately 9,800 square metres, of which 4,000 square metres are indoors. It consists of two main buildings. Building A houses the raw materials warehouse, production departments and offices, while Building B houses the offices, new laboratories (expanded in 2021), and the recently expanded warehouse for finished products and packaging materials.

Smaller buildings are dedicated to technical areas, the heating and power plant and support areas.

Site maintenance is performed constantly and periodically and further investments are planned in the coming years both in the production areas and in other areas.

Sensitive to the issues of energy savings and reducing environmental pollution, the company has also recently installed a solar power system.

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Development of new products

Fisiopharma develops injectable drug formulations, including complex formulations, according to the most updated technical, quality and regulatory standards. Fisiopharma formulation development process includes small-scale preparations, development and validation of analytical methods, production of technical and compliance batches and process and equipment validations.

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Production of injectable drugs

At Fisiopharma, the entire production cycle is managed through sampling and dispensing areas, compounding areas with different types of equipment, three filling lines, three packaging lines, two electronic inspection lines, and chemical-physical and microbiological laboratories.

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Fisiopharma has an extensive international presence, distributing its products worldwide, directly or through customers, licensees or distributors. Thanks to the collaboration with Scigen Pte. Ltd, a commercial subsidiary belonging to the Yifan Group, Fisiopharma has also strengthened its presence in the Asian and South American markets.


Tradition, company bonds and an eye on the future with a strong growth plan. We are Fisiopharma.



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Our customers:

Fisiopharma works with different types of international customers, from small to medium-sized distributors and pharmaceutical companies to large multinational organizations.
As Fisiopharma, we like to establish long-lasting partnerships, developing multiple projects with each customer and always looking for new collaboration opportunities.

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