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  • Proactiveness,
    efficiency and expertise

    Fisiopharma is a pharmaceutical company dedicated to the development, production and commercialization of injectable drugs, which manufactures both proprietary products and products for customers.

  • Formulation development
    and process

    An internal PM&D (Product Monitoring and Development) department is dedicated to product development, supported by a proven track record in developing, validating and transferring analytical methods.

  • Entire production process

    An internal PM&D (Product Monitoring and Development) department is dedicated to product development, supported by a proven track record in developing, validating and transferring analytical methods.

  • Certifications
    & inspections

    Fisiopharma is inspected regularly, both by customers and by major national and international regulatory authorities such as AIFA, FDA and ANVISA.

  • Europe
    & world

    Fisiopharma currently distributes its own products and customers’ products around the world, including in Italy, Europe, the USA, Canada, Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Fisiopharma was founded in 1989 as a company dedicated to the production of injectable drugs.

After its takeover by the Polish company Bioton in 2008, it was then acquired by the Yifan Pharmaceuticals Ltd group in 2018. This international biopharmaceutical company has operations and headquarters in Europe, Asia and the USA, 20 production plants and more than 6,000 employees worldwide.

Fisiopharma currently employs 112 people covering the production plant in Palomonte (SA) and the commercial offices in the centre of Milan.

Fisiopharma has a long lasting cooperation with sister company Pharmatex Italia, which is also part of the Yifan Pharmaceuticals Ltd group. Pharmatex Italia is dedicated to the distribution of hospital products in Italy and abroad.

Our three main product categories:

Amp & Vial


Sterile solutions in vials and ampoules manufactured through septic filling and terminal sterilisation.

Amp & Vial


Sterile suspensions and nanoemulsions in vials and ampoules manufactured through aseptic filling.



Filling of sterile powders in vials through aseptic filling.


Fisiopharma is specialized in formulation development and the production of injectable pharmaceuticals.

To develop and manufacture pharmaceutical products according to the highest quality standards in order to improve quality of life of patients. Be a credible and reliable partner for our customers. Create a working environment where people can maximize contribution and value creation.

To become a leading global company in the development and production of pharmaceutical injectable products and improve patients’ health through continuous technological innovation.

– Honesty
– Pragmatism
– Proactivity
– Care
– Responsibility
– Cooperation


Proprietary drugs

Fisiopharma holds MA registrations in Italy, Europe and non-European countries for several products, including antibiotics, local and systemic anaesthetics and systemic anti-inflammatories. These are marketed directly in Italy through hospitals and in Europe or worldwide through distribution and licensing agreements.



Development and production of injectable drugs for international customers. Management of the entire production process, including analysis of raw materials, excipients and finished products; and production, packaging and serialisation where required. Extensive experience in project management, technology transfer and development and validation of production and analytical processes.


Out license /

Fisiopharma develops and licenses generic drugs and acts as development and production partner with international customers.


— Professionalism and expertise

Thanks to the technical skills and specialisation of its staff, to a constant focus on training and continuous improvement, and to collaboration with universities, laboratories and cutting-edge companies, Fisiopharma constantly works in developing formulations, processes and new production technologies in the injectable drugs field.


The most relevant news about our services and products.

Pharmap 2023

Fisiopharma joined PHARMAP Geneve 2023 (Pharmaceutical manufacturing & packaging congress)! A great opportunity of knowing more on the last trends in pharmaceutical